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God said, in Jeremiah, "Ye shall seek me and find me when ye search for me with all your heart. Devotions can be ashes or burning coals, depending upon the state and condition of our heart. A Scripture text can be the hem of His garment, or the rising curl of smoke from burning incense. These collected here may be the flint and steel to start a fire or just a reminder of someone's encounter with God in still of the night or the cool of the day.


Gen 1:4 Good
Gen. 1:29 Fine Art
Gen. 3:5 Idols
Gen. 3:5b as Gods
Gen. 4:9 Hard Question
Ex. 3:11 Sombody
Ex. 14:2 Impassse
Ex. 1:14 Bondage
Ex. 14:12 Leave me Alone
Ex. 14:15 Cry Baby
1Sam. 8:5 Kingdumb
1Sam. 21:9 Goliath's Sword
1Sam.28:6 Can You Hear Me?
Job 1:1 A Higher Form of Life
Job.1:9 Job
Job 1:1 More than a Job
Job 10:15 Job's Friends
Ps.10:4 Thoughts
Ps.19:4 Tabernacle
Ps.19:14 Meditation
Ps.32:1 Recovered
Ps. 34:14 Holy Wholly
Ps. 36:5-7 When Good Came Down
Ps. 37:23 Watch Your Step Please
Ps. 40:6 What God Wants
Ps.42:1 Panting
Ps. 44:3 Do me a favor
Ps.49:20 Graduate with Honors
Ps.115:8in Kind
Ps.91:1 Secret Place
Ps. 148:8 Fire and Ice
Prov.6:12-14 Froward March
Isa. 33:6 Treasure
Isa. 37:14 Spreadsheet
Isa.42:3 Smoke Rise
Isa. 43:2 Through and Through
Isa.60:13 Foot
Jer.29:13 Seeker
Prov.16:1 Ask Your Father
Prov. 17:22 Straight Face
Prov. 20:12 Receiver
Prov. 22:5 Soul Keeper
Ecc. 3:1 Time to Worship


Mt.2:2 Where is He?
Mt. 2:8 Cure All
Mt.3:2 Kingdom
Mt.3:4 Way Maker
Mt.5:6 Be There
Mt.6:10 Different Way
Mt.6:14 Close Second
Mt. 10:16 Dog Whisperer
Mt. 11:16 Games
Mt.13:58 Mary's Boy
Mt.16:26 Profit
Mt. 17:20 Mustard Seeds
Mt.18 Savings and Loans
Mt.18:21 Forgiveness
Mt.18:28 IOU
Mt. 19:24 Eye of the Needle
Mt.22:29 Loco Motives
Mt.23:8 Master
Mt.27:66 Good Friday
Mt.23:8b Brothers
Mt.27:45 Six to Nine
Mt.28:1 Easter
Mt. 28:6 Risen
Mk.1:13 Beauty and the Beast
Lk.1:35 Higher
Lk.1:37 Help
Lk.3:2 How Much?
Lk.5:1 Mail Call
Lk.4:36 What a Word is This? Lk.8:44 Drained
Lk.8:46 Positive
Lk.9:55 Manners
Lk.10:5 Homeless
Lk.11:14 Dumb
Lk.18:35 Sense and Nonsense
Lk.23:46 Shooting Stars
Lk.23:46 Broken Spirit
Jn.2:49 How's Business?
Jn.11:36 In Love


Jn.1:13 of God
John 2:5 Cheers!
Jn.3:2 ABC's
Jn.4:4 Divine Appointment
Jn.6:6 Living Proof
Jn.6:48 Bread
Jn.9:3 the Works
Jn.10:4 Hearing Aid
Jn.10:42 There
Jn.14:15 Respect
Jn.14:30 No Place
Jn.18:23 Be-Cause
Jn.18:23 Blind
Jn.20:28 Profession
Jn.21:17 Do you love me?
Acts 2:2 Catch the Wind
Acts 9:5 the Right Answer
Acts 19:15 Exorcist
Rom.6:8 Vaccine
Rom. 10:17 Feelings
1Cor.6:1 What's the Matter?
1Cor.6:2 Now
1Cor.6:19-20 Take Care
2Cor.11:3 Won and One
Eph.2:8-9 Perfect
Gal. 4:4 His Son
Gal. 5:16 Flesh Wounds
Gal. 6:14 Cross Words

Eph. 3:17 Dwelling
Eph.4:32 Kind Kind
Heb. 11:1 a Man of Substance
Heb. 11:6 Seek Him
Ja. 1:22 Mix


Lam.5:21 My Turn
11:29 Warning
1Jn.5:1 Light Conversation
1Jn. 2:15 Crude Oil