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“God is not in all his thoughts.” 
Psalm 10:4


od needs to be in all my thoughts.  Like a shepherd standing amidst the sheep, with rod and staff in His hand, God needs to be in all my thoughts. God needs to be King of my thoughts.  “All” must bow to Him.  Every idea, each thought and all imaginations must be subject to Him.  “Bringing into captivity,” said Paul, “to the obedience of Christ.”  God needs to be in all my thoughts.  His word, like water must fill each thought as if it were a vessel fashioned on the potter’s wheel.  Some thoughts are cracked and will not hold water.   If put through the “God in all my thoughts test,” they leak.  No thought should leave the factory before it has been inspected.  No thought should be allowed to become a word and be born into the world unless God blesses and christens that baby.  No thought should become a deed until God has deemed it fit.  No bright ideas should be switched  on until God has checked the wiring and the framing to see if it is built to code.  What a different world this would be if we would only think good thoughts- thoughts where God is welcome.  The Psalmist describes the wicked saying, “God is not in all his thoughts.”  That is the problem.  Every sin begins with a thought.  Sometimes they are planted deliberately by some evil one, but unlike the Lord’s advice about the wheat and tares, bad thought-plants must not be allowed to come to term. Bad thoughts yield bitter harvests.  When we walk with God through the Garden in the cool of each day (this garden of thoughts, growing ideas, plans, dreams, ambitions) allow Him to point out what is wicked and what is worthy.  Let Him show us the difference between good and better and then lead us to the best.  The wicked have wicked thoughts because “God is not in all his thoughts.”  If bringing animals onto the temple ground seems profitable, practical, and like a good idea for the times, let’s ask God if we should think again.    It might just be that Christ will cleanse this temple.  Sometimes after doing something foolish,  we hear someone say “I wasn’t thinking.”  That is not true.  It is not that we were not thinking, but that God was not in “all” our thoughts.  If God is not in a thought, it is just not a good idea.