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Mozel Tov!

John 2:5



he Lord Jesus was no cross-legged guru, sadhu, or swami. His first miracle was not on Mt. Sinai, nor calling down fire on Mt. Carmel. His first miracle was not opening the earth to swallow the rebellious sons of Korah, nor did he make the Sun stand still (although he could). Instead he blessed newlyweds with his presence and turned water into wine to prevent a social faux pas. Jesus was no religious sourpuss. While he carried our sorrows and was acquainted with grief, he rejoiced with those who rejoiced. And while one might think that something like parting the waters of the Red Sea would have been more impressive, the simple instructions to the servants at the wedding (who assisted in the miracle and were of the few who knew what had happened) are the secret to what the Bible calls “the beginning of miracles.” She said, “Whatever he asks you to do, do it.”  Mozel Tov!  Cheers!   -id

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