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No Place

John 14:30 “..for the prince of this world cometh and hath nothing in me.”

t’s not that Satan didn’t try. It is the “something” in us that gives our Adversary “something” to work with. The evil one needs a place to land. When he encountered Jesus in the wilderness he found someone unlike anyone (or anything) he ever experienced outside of heaven. There was something very peculiar about this stranger, who was passing through his territory. In Jesus there was no sin and no guile. There was nothing for the devil to work with, nothing to grab hold of. “Devil” means liar. He was powerless before the Truth.

Archimedes is called the father of integral calculus. He developed a formula to measure the volume of a solid object as well as many war machines. He died in 212BC when the Romans sacked Syracuse. Perhaps he is most famous for his statement about the use of the lever. He said "Give me a place to stand on, and I can move the earth." Such is the amazing relationship of the fulcrum and the lever. Archimedes developed elaborate machines that used ropes, pulleys, levers and fulcrums that made men capable of doing super-human feats.

Likewise Satan is looking for leverage. First he is looking for a place to stand in our lives. Second, he needs to find “something” to use against us. Unfortunately, we have given the evil one a solid footing with every sin, and every sin gives him leverage to use against us. Paul said “give no place to the devil.”

The wonderful thing about Jesus is the devil can search forever and find “nothing” to use against him. The accuser has “nothing” to accuse Christ of. By faith in Him, I am forgiven. The cross is the lever God used to move us. The blood of Christ is the legal standing to buy and save us.

In Christ, Satan does not have a place to stand. The enemy still looks for a landing zone. Anger, resentment, bitterness, and wrath will do just fine. Faith “waves him off,” but faithlessness is lit up like a runway of an international airport at night. It is inviting trouble. Confession and repentance gives everything we are and have to God, and then there is nothing left that Satan can use against us. Because of Christ, Satan has nothing on us, it is up to us to make sure he has nothing in us. Our prayer should be that God would search our hearts and cleanse us, and that we, at the end of each day, would make sure we have left  nothing in us for the enemy of our soul to use. At the dawn of every day, may we be fit for the Master's use