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Dog Whisperer

"The Master is come and calleth for thee" Jn.11:28


esus said “I send you out as sheep among wolves.”  It is a good idea to know the difference.  Max, is my dog.  He’s great. But he will always be a dog and the “son of a dog.”  We just got back from an enjoyable walk.  We have both agreed that I am the Alpha around here and he is the Omega.  I am the “decider” and the "provider." There was a time when I did not make that clear.  He would pull on the leash.  I would pull back. He would dart.  I would yell.  Back in those days, the walk was “work.” Going for a walk with him was not enjoyable.  Now we have come to an understanding, and we both have a good time getting our exercise.  I smell the flowers.  He smells…..well…..dogs will be dogs.  Trying to make him smell the roses would be a waste of time. 

As a sheep, I must follow the Shepherd.  Whenever I don’t , it never ends “well.”  When God was doing His thing in creation, the end of every day could be declared “good.”  He is the “Decider.”  Elijah, the man of great thunder, learned that God is the Sheep Whisperer, when he heard the "still small voice."  Wolves, by nature, will follow the sheep, but not the Shepherd.  Woe to that sheep that falls too far behind.  Wolves will be wolves.  I must begin each day in the green pastures of God’s  Word. The walk  must not be work.  It must be worship. If He is not there, I must wait for Him.  Even if I am mourning the death of my Lazarus, I must believe He is on the way, and not be surprised when some dear sister leans over and whispers, “The Master is come, and calleth for thee.”    - id