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the Works

“..that the works of God should be manifested in him.” John 9:3



his was God’s plan for a blind man and it is God’s plan for you and me.  When watches had mechanical works, it was possible to open the case of a timepiece and watch the works work.  Just how they worked was still not entirely clear to the average person as there was the varied engagement of many wheels, some hiding others, and springs and balances.  The manifestation was in the face of the watch.  It marked and measured the day in hours, minutes and seconds.  It gave the time.  People made appointments by it, woke up and went to bed by it.  It marked the train schedule.  That was the work of the works. 

The world does not really have to know how God works, but faith believes its time is in God’s hands.  Every person is a sinner, “both this man,” and “his parents.”  This little blind baby had been born for this moment of time when God came by to manifest grace and “work the works.”    We all exist so God can “work” in us.  Faith works, because God works. -id

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