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in Kind

“They that make them are like them.” Ps. 115:8


dols are stupid things, they don’t think because they are mindless and lifeless. The maker of gods is like unto those they make, or as Genesis says, “after there kind.” Idol worshipers are dumb as dirt, or at least dumb as the idols they make according to the Psalmist. They may be silver and gold by they do no good. They can’t see, hear, feel or touch. They can’t smell the rat that begat them. On the other hand, God, the LORD, although everywhere present, dwells in the heavens (v.3). He sees us, hears us, loves us and cares for us. He will bless all those who know him, trust him and have sense enough to fear and revere Him. The Psalm goes on to call God our Help, our shield, and that he is “mindful” of us (v,12) suggests we might do well (unlike to dumb idol) to be mindful of Him.
  As idol worshipers are like the gods they worship (carnal), God’s people are like God in godliness. Jesus said, “by their fruit ye shall know them.” Mt. 7:16. An apple tree bears apples, a fig tree figs. The offspring resemble their parents. Saul asked about David, “Whose son is he?” Although the last or the runt of the litter, Jesse’s genes were in this gem. Jesus said of the Pharisees, “Ye are of your father the devil.” We are all born bad. No one has to go to school to learn how to steal a cookie. As toddlers, if Cain and Abel had been dropped off and left alone without supervision in the Day Care (without teacher, God or grace), one would have killed the other (or stabbed someone in the eye with a pencil). We are sinners by birth and nature, but the New Birth, but through repentance and faith in Christ, we become partakers of the Divine nature of God (2Pet. 1). With that nature and nurture of the Spirit we produce evidence of God’s presence in us (the fruits of the Spirit, love joy, peace, etc.). Salvation is more than liking Christ, it is “God working in us, both to will and to do his good pleasure,” or in other words, to be more like Jesus.    -id