Salvation’s Plan

He told the world what He would do
That- in three days He’d rise
When His work in Hell was through
He’d point to Heaven’s skies

On one hand, on the cross He paid
The awful price for sin
But then descended into Hades
The greatest war to win

The light descended into dark
Which could not comprehend
The living Word was heard to hark
To every foe and friend

That God is Truth and cannot lie
Nor lie in some dark cave
Though Christ upon the cross did die
To save us from the grave

And from the sin that sent us there
And set our chained souls free
And with His good pierced hands to bear
Us- for all eternity

Those who repent and turn in trust
To the Son who died for man
Shall find he’s made for more than dust
and Love was Heaven’s plan.








Copyright ©2005 idr ,  All Rights Reserved.