I feel successful. Not because Iím great, but in fact because Iím not.
Success is not found everywhere, but in a sacred spot.
I cannot tell you where it is for you, but only just for me.
I know I do not look like much, but Ďsomethingí I will be.
Go ahead, push my face down into the dirt, I smile,
for me you cannot hurt, and itís only for a while.
Iíll gladly take the lowest place and trust the more in the God of grace.
Iíll gladly give up everything. Iíll gladly give up all.
If you push me in the ground, Iíll rise if I should fall.
I know that I will more abound, should you try this way to kill,
for I know that so itís meant to be, and is my Fatherís will.
I thank Him for His goodness, for all His plans for me.
This looks like pride ÖI know, but is in fact humility.
I was made by Him on purpose,
and I am supposed to be.
Iím more than just the surface,
and more than what you see.
I will open up my heart to Him, and open up my mind.
I have no fear, but only faith in a God I know is kind.
And if from His hand, I seem to drop, and feel that I am alone,
I will remember that none can stop, or steal what God does own.
From the ground I will abound, and all the more Iíll praise,
the God who chose to let me fall, and know that He will raise.
And from what seems to be my death brings laughter out of graves.
For I have plenty, I abound, I will have better days.
While to the world, I donít seem much, God is all I need.
I spring to life with just His touch, for you seeÖI am His seed.   -id








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