Saint's Complaint

I knelt
And knocked the gates of heaven
with two bent humble knees.
Swung wide a golden door
before I spoke my pleas.

I felt
rushing wind of angel wings,
and my flagging spirit soar.
The air filled full of holy things,
my fears, they were no more.

I bowed
low my head in silent prayer,
leaving all my doubts behind,
like shoes outside the holy place
I prepared to speak my mind.

I paused
Before I spoke, I worshipped
And found so much to praise
I took His cup of good and sipped
And thanked Him for His ways

I found
A quiet place of holy rest
before the God of All
Who ever only gives His best
To whom upon Him call

I knew
That all things worked for good
And even as I spoke
I knew
What I couldn’t, God's grace could
And use the thing I broke