Whose fault is the Tsunami,
or rushing tidal wave?
Was Neptune’s marching army
that has dug this watery grave?

 Who takes the breath of children,
strewn  lifeless on the sand,
and spills out death’s dark cauldron?
Heaven help us understand.

 Perhaps we took for granted
tomorrow’s chance would come,
and grace somehow recanted
as we played beneath God’s sun

Perhaps we have forgotten
how dangerous is this place,
how corrupt is sin, and rotten
is a life without God’s grace.

A wave of awful judgment
swept o’r Jesus on the cross,
and shook both earth and firmament,
and the world mourned not its loss.

  We failed to hear the warning
when the earth cracked open wide,
or the Mother Mary mourning,
with Christ lifeless at her side.

 Fault lines-  run through every heart
of  each one, young and old;
all we know may fall apart,
leaving nothing to take hold

As rushing tides of judgment
with fury fast rush in,
we find that in a moment
we must answer for our sin.

  One’s reason may blame Nature
or unbelief blame God,
and seek some nomenclature
as we chew this thing so hard

Why was no warning given
of the coming rising swell
this tide of fury driven
or this rushing wall of hell?

Some might well have run away
and never had been drowned
or lived to see another day
had they heard a warning sound

But if the truth be spoken
then Death is on its way,
and best we all be woken
before that judgment day

For high and fast the fury
the fire and the wrath,
and sad shall end the story
of those caught in its path.

 Surely comes this tidal wave
of Judgment, Truth and Fire.
calling back each life God gave
and justice God require

 Quickly run to higher ground
And stand beneath the Cross.
Is the safe place faith has found
There not one life is lost



Ingimar DeRidder