The God of Doors


I bow before the God of Doors

Who called Himself the Way

The Truth, the Life and so much more

And bow my head to pray


Though He Himself can walk through walls

And sees from high the maze

My view is blocked by narrow halls

And my passage blocked by stays


I need a door to enter in

or one to let me out

which points to where I should begin

or shows me freedomís route


I need to hear this Saviorís voice

Whisper which way is right

Then heed by faith and willing choice

And walk by faith not sight


As called the Door, this God of Doors

Sometimes does softly knock

With Spirit taps and gently lures

And asks us to unlock


A way we never saw before

Now right before our eyes

There suddenly appears a door

That opens when one tries


Already we possess the key

That puzzled us for years

But now we see fits perfectly

The answer to our prayers


Ingimar DeRidder