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Take the hedge away and then you’ll see the light of day
that Job is just like other men, and his faith is just pretend
Strip him of his wealth and glory, and then he’ll sing another story
Take his health, and steal his place, he will curse you to your face.

God, with patience listened thus to Satan’s hateful thunderbluss
Seeing clear the heart within, and knowing Job’s true love for Him
agreed to put him to the test, knowing it was for the best
And all the world could watch or read faith that’s real in word and deed

Satan’s armies then in motion surrounded Job with a great commotion
And one by one they stripped away, till everything in rubble lay
And on the ground in shock and awe, a broken man with wounds of war
Scraped his sores with broken shards and became the mocking song of bards

He was at a loss to explain to wife how he had ruined their perfect life
He looked for faith and it still was there, it was all the man had left to wear
He pulled it over his broken form,  ‘twas all he had to keep him warm
Said as the wind blew greater gust, “ 'though He slay me, I will trust.”



Ingimar DeRidder