Good Works vs. Good Work


I thought that I was a Christian
Or at least within my head--
I believed our Church position
And all the nice things they said

 They told me I was good enough
And religion was the way
Although sometimes life can be rough
In heaven Iíd be someday

 I had answered all the questions
I was baptized and confirmed
But was wrong in my conceptions
As I thought Godís grace is earned

 If  my good deeds-- all were greater
Than all of the wrong Iíve done,
Were a lover-- not a hater,
Truly  Heaven would be won

 But I fear I was mistaken
For no man himself can save
But his sin must be forsaken
And in faith take the Gift God gave

 When Jesus died on Calvary
There He paid for all my sin
And now in Grace Iíve liberty
But by grace Iíll live for Him

 I trust in not the good Iíve done
But the good Heís done for me
And this good work that Heís begun
will last all eternity


                                                                                                                                           Ingimar DeRidder