Lottery at the Cross
(when they cast lots)


They cast lots for his possessions as He hung upon the cross

They gambled with their very souls and knew not they were lost

They fought to gain possessions of the dying Jewish King

Knowing not that to save their soul was the most important thing


Who was the foolish lucky one that lottery to win,

knowing not that he was lost and condemned to death by sin? 

And also then was pardoned with a word from Grace above

Spoken by this Suffering One, “Forgive” said He in love


Who took that robe so lovely, that the Son of God had worn?

Could it protect and hide some sinner, from the coming storm?

And who would have audacity to wear His stolen shoes?

Now which way would he go, and so Hell or Heaven choose?


‘Twas not a robe his legacy, nor sandals for man’s feet

but His blood and sacrifice that saves from judgment’s seat

He hung there stripped of everything except His love and Grace

To buy for us forgiveness and to give us  Heaven’s place




Ingimar DeRidder