Blowing on cold ashes will not a fire make

Nor can a love that’s frozen, from the dead awake

And if a heart stops beating and life has lost its breath

Only God Almighty can bring life where there is death


But watch as Christ calls Lazarus,

A friend these four days dead

and life comes to the lifeless

with something Jesus said


Christ wept and cried with others

He knew grief’s mortal pain

In love the two were brothers

But as LORD he spoke his name


“Come forth,” were words of order

From the one who made the worlds

Step back across life’s border

bring the flag of hope unfurled.


God can heat the ambers, and blow on them with grace

If we give God the seed and let Him pick the place

To perform the miracle- in plowed and broken sod

Watch what Grace can do, when we give ourselves to God



Ingimar DeRidder