Jesus in John

In chapter one he is the eternal word
In two, he changes water into wine
In three, he's the teacher come from God
In four, he seeks your soul and mine

In five, he is the doctor
in six, the living bread
in seven, he's the water
in eight, makes sin white, 'though scarlet red

In nine, he dispels the darkness
and gives the blind their sight
In ten, the good kind shepherd
In eleven, is resurrection might

In twelve, we shout Hosanna!
for there he is a king
In thirteen, he teaches me to serve
and in fourteen, how to sing

In fifteen, there a vine we see
In sixteen, the world is overcome
In seventeen, he kneels to pray for me
and in eighteen, the judgment has begun

In nineteen, he's my Savior
hanging on the tree
In twenty, he leaves behind an empty tomb
and in twenty-one, a victory

Ingimar DeRidder