Mary drank in every word as she sat at Jesus' feet
Martha fumed within her heart as she thought of bread and meat.
One has chosen the better part and from the Master learned
that life and resurrection  and grace cannot be earned
To serve and care is needed the children put to bed
But first things first in worship they must be washed and fed.


Mary sat and gazed at Him and loved the Son eternal
Outward beauty was outshined  by the one that was internal
She had meat to eat they knew not of and so her heart was filled
Just being in His presence she was happy, she was thrilled 


So may I learn from Mary where each happy day should start
May I bow before my Savior and gather for my heart
The bread that comes from heaven and find in it the power
Iíll need to do the "Martha work" hour after hour

Ingimar DeRidder