Hear Here


God made the outer and the inner ear for sound
For all the wonderful noises of life dancing all around

For the here and the now, that the “now” we may hear
And the voice of our loved ones, and those  we hold dear.

Sounds of city life, filled with man-made things,
and country life, of singing birds, and babbling springs

Coastal sounds of blowing wind, waves breaking at the shore,
the sound of a friendly neighbor, come to visit, knocking at our door.

The whistle of the tea kettle steaming on the flame,
The sound of pouring tea, words “I’m so glad you came.”

But whose eye hath not seen, nor the ear ever heard
Deaf and poor is the man who hears not God’s Word.

Worse, an eternity without God, I speak not of violence
But for all who refuse Him, loneliness and silence. -id






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