A centurion’s servant was sick
to the consternation of his master.
He desired Christ come quick,
but believed sound traveled faster.  
I am not worthy, you my house to enter,
but Master “speak a word.”
When it comes to faith, God’s Words are true,
and of all words most preferred.
I too am under Authority
and a Centurion’s word has power,
but compared to Thee,  
you far above me tower.
I say “come” to one, and so he comes
or goes when I say “go.” 
To my servant “do,” and it is done,
such power do I know.
If you but speak a single word,
I know it then will be,
for before your voice,
ill has no choice,
except to bend the knee.
Jesus marveled at so much faith
expressed by such a stranger, 
so snatched him from the jaws of death
and delivered him from danger.  -id







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