the Bible

Sixty-six books.  All different, yet one.
One message, One Spirit, the Written Word, Done! 
Sixty-six books make up the whole,
and are given by God, for healing the soul.  

We are privileged by Grace to hold in our hands
each living letter, God’s Words and God’s plans.
Tent for the Sun, Tabernacle of Light,
Food for the hungry, where the weak find God’s Might.
A light for our path, a lamp for our feet,
trysting place holy, here our Savior we meet.
A place where the lowly can find the Most High,
in the cool of the day, when God’s Son passes by.
Every word glowing and filled with God-power,
streams of life flowing, each minute, each hour
each tree abundant, packed with good fruit.
where faith comes by hearing, feeds and takes root.   -id






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