He could have called ten thousand angels or just refused to go
He could have come down from Calvary, with one word his power show.
He could  have summoned all God’s host or called the raging seas
to drown the troop of charlatans, cut the world down at its knees
He could have said, “enough’s enough” and broke the cross in two.
He could have walked away from man and said that he was “through.”
He could have wiped the spittle, removed the crown of thorn
and made each wicked sinner wish they never had been born
But this the son of Mary, would on the cross display
a love for God with all his heart, on this the world’s worst day
and also love his neighbor too, the second great command
endured the pain and ridicule and do what God had planned.
Instead he stayed to do God’s will, and take the cup God passed
and drink it all to every drop, God’s Son the First and Last
Not so much his love for me, thought loves me it is true;
but he loved the Father more, and  the Father’s will would do. -id






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