“Life Lessons”

He is the answer to sin and strife
He came to give eternal life
to prepare us for eternity
and here to live abundantly.

He died for us a debt to pay
and lives in us to show the way.
He found us lost and dead in sin.
He raised us up to be with Him.

First lesson in this new-life living
He tells us we must be forgiving.
As He on the cross did demonstrate
to forgive who hurt us, our new estate.

The second lesson for this life we live:
To get the most, we have to give.
He lives the most, who gives the most
and thus He gave the Holy Ghost.

The third great lesson from above:
To live for Him means we must love.
Not just those who first love us,
or all the friends we know,
but the unkind, the unlovely too,
and most of all our foes.

His church: not bricks, stained glass or steeple
but a ransomed, redeemed and
transformed people. -id








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