I have potential
I’m full of hope.
I thank God for Abundance
and the Word that He spoke,
for today and tomorrow
for the here and the now
I’m not afraid to get dirty
of the grave or the plough.
I rejoice in God’s goodness,
I open my mind
to a God good and mighty,

all wise and all kind.
I open my heart for God’s
grace to live, and I open
my hand in order to give.
For some divine purpose,
I’m supposed to be here
I have plenty, yes plenty
and nothing to fear.
I find as I fall upon
God’s Holy Ground, to
trust to abide and
believe to abound.
Though little today
By grace I’ll excel
To yield and obey
For in God all is well.

Many say nay, you surely will die,
But I’ll never know- until I try.
If I let go I will succeed ,
perhaps you have guessed it,
I’m just a seed -id


                                ngimar DeRidder                   






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