Who speaks for the unborn child
about to be- from a temple torn?
Who has her so beguiled,
to deny this baby to be born?
What dark evil spell was cast
To blow out this candle’s flame
Cold wind and heartless blast,
flush the helpless down the drain.

Daughter of Eve we weep for you
and pray thy cold heart melt.
For one is judged by what they do,
not just the hand they’re dealt.
Greatness is not in wealth or fame
But in how we treat the least.
Regret and guilt is an awful flame,
Woe then to Satan’s priest.
What will she say on Judgment Day?
That she believed a lie?
As forever in that darkness lay,
and hear her baby cry.  -id

                                ngimar DeRidder                   






Copyright 2015 id,  All Rights Reserved.