Keep back thy Servant from
Presumptuous Sins
When the Lion backslides
it often costs the lamb
just ask trusting old  Uriah
about the sins of man.
the black sin of presumption
can fester spread and grow
and lead one to consumption
and bring those high down low.

cause havoc and much heartache
suffering, sorrow, shame
when straight and narrow men forsake
and dishonor God’s Good Name.

So Saints beware the claiming
what some call “Divine Right of Kings”
and by boasting thus defaming
the Sonship that faith brings.

Perhaps this prayer was prayed too late
after sin gave birth to sin
failing to see the trap and bait
singing later, What might have been

Why would a bird break its own wings
or a sinning Saint  his message mar
while God may fix its broken things
it never flew as fast or far - id

                                ngimar DeRidder                   






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