Stay Calm- Count to Ten

One is for the Highest, the One and only Way
Two is a reminder that to Him we bow and pray
Three,  Don’t take God’s name in vain, for by it we are blessed
Four is for the Sabbath, so on Him we  all could rest,
Five is for the honor to whom there’s honor due
Six, try not to kill, for all are just like you
Seven, be pure and chaste - regardless how you feel
Eight, work hard for what you need, but never, never steal
Nine, for speak the truth in love, let all your words be true
Ten is last, so hold it fast, God will provide for you

You can always count on God
and count on God you can
Without God’s word all life is hard
Stay Calm and count to ten.   -id



                                ngimar DeRidder                  






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