What is Man?
A man is what he is
a man is what he does,
a man is what he gives,
a man is what he loves.
His life is what he makes it,
in the end his work of art;
where it took him, or where he takes it
and what happened in his heart.

What we filled it up with,
Who we welcomed in,
Who upon its throne did sit
Was it washed or cleansed of sin?
Did we in worship, pour it out,
was it fixed, when it was broken,
filled with faith or filled with doubt
Did it trust what God had spoken?

Before the eyes were formed
or arms or legs or feet
or organs all conformed
God made our heart to beat
Around that heart as center
cells grew by God’s design
our heart, God wants to enter,
each heart, as yours and mine.

Man looks upon the outward,
but God upon the heart,
mankind seems has it backward,
the heart’s where all things start.

“Give me thine heart,” God’s calling.
Trust Me, Repent thy sin.
It was damaged in “the falling,”
to fix it, I must come in.   -id





                                ngimar DeRidder                  






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