Christ in You the Hope of Glory

While faith is in fact the evidence
of things hoped for, yet not seen
If God in us takes residence
what exactly does that mean?

God is not just in your head
as some dogma or some creed
but the reality of all He said
will show in life and deed

No disrespect intended
but if God’s there, so’s His stuff
with His grace which has descended
Holy gifts and Fruits enough
to do and be all that He asks
for to obey is to succeed
He equips His child for every task
gives us all we’ll ever need

With Him comes Love, Joy, and Peace
Patience, Gentleness, Good
His living word makes our faith increase
Helps us do the things we should
Meekness along with Self-Control
as we yield to Him and trust
and show the world He redeemed our soul
and what He can do with clay and dust.  -id







Copyright 2013 id,  All Rights Reserved.