The Answer to the question asked on the Damascus Road.
Who art thou, Lord?

I am the Son of God,
I am The Son of Man,
The Teacher come from up above
 I am the Great I Am,
 I am the Savior and Seeker of Souls
the Great Physician and only cure,
the  Bread of Life that faith can eat,
I am standing at your door
I am The water for all who thirst.
the Great Defender of the meek,
I am forever the Last and First.
I am the Light for all that seek
I am the Shepherd of the Sheep
the Resurrection and the Life
All who trust me I shall keep
The Peace to end man’s strife
I am the Lord, the King of Kings
whom before all men will bow,
I am the Song the Angel Sings
I served just to show your how
I went to the cross to prepare a place,
I am the One True vine,
I am Alive who once was dead
Receive me while there still is time.  -id




                                ngimar DeRidder                  






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