Throw yourself down, and the angels will catch you.
Feed now yourself and the world with this stone
Bow down before me and watch how I’ll stretch you
with all the world’s riches and kingdoms I own.

Weakened by hunger our Savior stood steadfast
facing temptation as it danced in His face
Nothing could stand in the way of Christ’s main task
to die on the cross for the whole human race

Get thee behind me for thus it is written
and what has been written I, the Word, will fulfill
You’ll be defeated, at the cross when I’m smitten
and sin’s chain is broken on Golgotha’s Hill

Christ will not leave us, and will not forsake
but will with every temptation make a way of escape
Satan will try hard to get us to swerve
but we were created, God to worship and serve -id




                                ngimar DeRidder                  






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