They took his lifeless body down, yet not one bone was broken.
How could it when, the Sage took pen and wrote what God had spoken.
They wept and sobbed and with trembling hand removed faux diadem
and wiped his brow and wondered how, this could be the end of Him.
They laid his limp and lifeless frame upon the slab of stone,
wrapped with weeping hastily before they hurried home.
They tried to make some sense of it, but no man understood;
what mean men meant for evil, the Father meant for good.
And so brave women ventured forth where angels feared to tread,
came with spices to the tomb if perchance to anoint the dead.
When in fact an angel came and said they should not fear.
Don’t look for the living among the dead, the Savior is not here.
Come behold the empty tomb, why so great surprise?
Try to remember what he said, “In three days, I will arise.” -id


                                ngimar DeRidder                  






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