Omni Presents


Everywhere Thou has scattered them in clefts and nooks

A thousand gifts a day for every child of God who looks.

The ray of sun that came so far to splash against my cheek

And the stubborn gentle flower between cracked sidewalk peek


Everywhere Presents, life in earth and sky and trees

Gifts of grace Thou hast given to enjoy, to bless, to please.

Two black circles like pools of life shine back upon my gaze

From some little creature that lives just to give Thee praise


Everywhere and all around like seeds in some pregnant field

May suddenly spring up from fertile soil its precious sacred yield

A harvest of good in gifts for body soul and mind

Hands-full-on-purpose, as Ruth in Boaz field did find


Beyond Thy Omni-Presents and good gifts from Thy hand

There is a richer greater Presence that I must understand

That life is for a reason and there is a holy plan

By Thee and for Thy pleasure thou hast created man


And as I open Presents stacked high around me piled

And learn some joy or lesson Iím sure my Father smiled.

Ingimar DeRidder