the Prodigal

The prodigal went down the way
and all his wealth would squander
unaware he’d have to pay
and never thought to ponder

The foolishness of such a choice
and how much it would cost
no more to hear the Father’s voice
till all he had was lost

His friends were gone and he alone
when spent was his last dollar
he thought of Father and of home
as he stood in filth and squalor.

What a fool and wretch I’ve been!
I’m ashamed to show my face
But I will rise and call sin sin
and go home in my disgrace.

I am not worthy to be thy son
but perhaps you need a servant
I do repent and am undone
and will try to be observant

Imagine how great was his surprise
when his father did not beat him
but instead right there,  before his eyes
was love and grace to meet him.

Best robe, and ring and fat calf bring
The Father said, “Be Merry.”
even the angels did dance and sing
Am I happy? The answer: very

For once I too was dead in sin
lost in the slops and swine
and by Christ’s love was drawn to Him
and I found God's Grace divine.








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