Covered Head


What means this the woman's  Covered  head?
is she of men or  of Spirit  led?
Why should she thus conceal her  glory?
There must  in this be found  some  story

  It begins  when Eve dared  touch that tree
And thus  change the  course of  history
She  doubted what the Lord had  said
And  soon  the  earth received her dead

  She  failed  to bow to God's  word of truth
And  she  chose sin and  so  sin took root
She chose instead to believe  the lie
And  thus  the whole world would learn to cry

Now  God  would  have  to  undo the  deed
His Son on the  cross would  die and  bleed
and rise again to be both Lord and head
and soon judge the living and the dead

  Now as faith's   daughters  today draw near
they humbly bow  and with covered hair
Speak  in silence with that simple token
of  God's Word that must  not  be broken

  without a word she tells a story
of Christ who is her head and glory.


Ingimar DeRidder