Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Long before I thought of Him, it seems He thought of me
He had a will, a grand design set in eternity
Long before He formed or made, my soul, one cell, or frame
it seems God had a plan for me, and even knew my name

I know the thought I thought of thee, of peace and good, not ill
I made you to be filled with light and made to do my will
and even though you lost your way because of Adam’s fall
I made a way and path for you, and gave my Word to call
My thoughts are higher than your thoughts and higher is my way
lift up your eyes, I heard you cry and sent my Son one day
to die upon the cross for you, and there the Son was smitten
to ransom, save, redeem your soul; in my book your name was written.

So if I fail to think of Him, I need to think again
bring thoughts unto obedience, and humbly remember when
upon the cross Christ thought of me and there fulfilled God’s plan
to die for me and set me free, Christ the hope of man. -id









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