User ID

I dreamed I went to heaven
But could not enter in
An automatic teller
Was asking for my “PIN”
I did not know the number
And what’s my  “User” name?
I cannot keep those numbers straight
‘Though I tried and racked my brain.
I think I forgot my password
and the  User name ID
I called the Help Desk and some nerd
said he never heard of me.
I entered on the keypad
All the codes I knew
I couldn’t get the doo-dad
To Work and let me through
But with a start I did awake
And realized it’s not some “PIN”
What a fool, for goodness sake
They’ll ask me about my “sin.”
Each sin was listed somewhere
For which I must give account
But praise the Lord,  there’s nothing  there
They were washed in the Crimson Fount
I’m Glad there is one password
And one  sacred User Name
I used by faith, when by Grace I heard
it is JESUS.  Please do the same








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