Prayer of Gideon

To  know God’s will with Midian
and if he should stay or move
came out the fleece of Gideon
which he laid down to prove.
If the wool was wet with dew
then he knew what he should do.
One word from God seemed not enough,
so he asked for two.
Afraid that he would get it wrong
he changed his tune and changed the song.
Let the other now be dry
and pardon as Thy word I try.
You knew that I was very poor.
Increase my faith and give me more.
God was patient as Gideon found
first wet the fleece, and then the ground.
Then he went on to win the day,
and from this text I learn to pray;
and not to ask God wet the fleece,
but with His word give grace and peace. -id







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