A Better World

When we were young we thought we would
change the world and make bad good.
We thought we could, if we raised our voice
simply show the foolish, a better choice.
Light a candle, not curse the dark
sing  “Kum Ba Yah” in Central Park.
But human nature needs more than light.
The blind need eyes and the weak need might.
To change the world is a foolish plan
for there is something broke inside of man.
The pursuit of Happiness sounds a noble goal,
but the best of laws can’t change man’s soul.
Each generation strives for three score and ten,
then a new crop comes up to try again;
but the crop can’t change the field it’s in
as they are planted, sprout and die in sin.
The field goes on just as it did before,
must be something else we are living for.
What we accomplish between our death and birth
cannot be measured by its weight and girth
A Godless man lives and dies a fool
if he finds not Christ and Christ’s Golden Rule. -id








Copyright 2006 id,  All Rights Reserved.