A Billion, Billion Stars

The heavens declare God’s Glory
in the darkest dark of night,
A vast repository
of stars all shining bright.
Each a flaming sunrise
to unseen worlds in space
far beyond what human eyes
can observe or trace.
If we could see the wonder
of what God has in store
we would see the blunder
of thinking we are poor.
A billion, billion stars
too much, too much to count
so too is all the good that’s ours
in Grace’s vast account.
How small and weak the picture
most mortals have of Him,
because they know not Scripture
and are blinded by their sin.
Eye hath not seen, nor ears e’r heard
nor dawned in the heart of man
all the promises in God’s Word
or how great and vast God’s plan

What we call the firmament
too much to take it in-
is but the hem of His garment
and we’ll be dumbstruck
when we see Him.  -id








Copyright 2006 id,  All Rights Reserved.