The Good Book

Genesis the genius
and how all life began
Exodus the furnace
for God’s Salvation Plan.
The Law lived in Leviticus;
In Numbers God provides;
To do is Deuteronomy
with faith God will abide
into the Land in Joshua,
the General leads the way
to obey the highest caliber
and God will win the day.
In Judges, see that God is Just
yet merciful we find.
In Ruth a widow learns to trust
that God is good and kind.
In Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles,
Man’s Kingdoms rise and fall;
Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther
saints listen to God’s call.
In Job a just man survives a test.
In Psalms, the Psalmist sings.
In Proverbs: Wisdom at its best
Ecclesiastes: worldly things.
The Beloved Song of Solomon
”I am His and He is mine.”
Faith and Love still look for Him
on every Page Divine.   –id







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