First Dawn

“Let there be Light,” God spoke
and thus began the plan
and from the darkness  there awoke
in God’s image, one called “man.”

a fellowship, a symphony
of love, and trust and grace
and life itself a ministry
for God in time and space

But then a darker darkness came
to turn man’s heart away
and with the fall came death and shame
and man had lost his way

Yet high above the firmament
the darkness had not won
for something there more permanent
brighter than the sun

The heavens declare His glory
His handiwork is seen
an eternal repository
with His Word He would redeem

for the Son of God: a body
mortal flesh for the Holy One
Light of the World embody
Tabernacle for the Sun

On Mount Transfiguration
and on Damascus Road
a blinding illumination
when God on Earth abode

Behold the glory, effulgence
Welcome, Lord of Light
Thou Word of God, Thy eloquence
Sunrise, gone the night -id







Copyright 2006 id,  All Rights Reserved.