Listen Little Children

Don’t play with sin,
you can’t win;
but from the playground
you’ll come crying.
The end is bad, so don’t begin
sin’s end is pain and sighing.

Don’t raise lions, tigers, bears
though cute when cubs and little.
One day will turn when hunger stares
at your flesh it drools with spittle.

Neither plough the fields of woe,
or plant sin’s seeds of sorrow.
While they may promise joy, this know
they will bring bad fruit tomorrow.

Don’t make eyes or flirt with sin
or smile at worldly pleasure.
Behind deceiving eyes are lies,
and woe too great to measure.

When loving mother’s warn the tot
faith will trust not spurn
for glowing coals are really hot
and touching, a hard way to learn.

Only Jesus Christ can save
a sinner from his sin;
and this is why His life He gave,
turn your heart and trust in Him.- id







Copyright 2006 id,  All Rights Reserved.