Taking Sides (II Chron19:11)

Does it matter if we do what’s right?
Does God care who wins a fight?
Does it matter which side we choose?
Which side will win, which side will lose?

Yes, it matters.  See yonder cross.
The greatest victory looked a lot like loss
until you realize that God’s not done
and Christ would rise with the Easter sun

The world may mock thy little light
and heart’s desire to do what’s right.
They call good evil, and evil good
but good is gold, and evil wood

If Christ’s Kingdom were of this world
let swords be drawn and flags unfurled.
But if instead it is far above,
Let us stand and speak the truth in love.

Behind, beneath, above, within
God was there and good will win
Courage Saint! It’s understood
God is great and with the good. –id







Copyright 2006 id,  All Rights Reserved.