Some Light on Darkness

Does God protect his servant from evil plans of man
and every Haman’s gallows  and execution’s plan?
Are we promised to be spared the arena’s awful beast;
are we better than the One who made Himself the least?
Should we expect the love of those who hate God’s Holy Word?
The mob who called out “Crucify” and with evil men concurred?
Did Jesus offer man a crown or flowery beds of ease;
or rather this: to follow Him, and just the Father please?
God can protect His Daniel, or Noah in the storm,
or teach John still in prison the reason he was born.
Both James the youthful martyr, and John on Patmos frail
with darkness would not barter, knowing God would never fail.
All comes to us from heaven, both sun and rain we take.
Ours not only to believe in Him- but to suffer for His sake. ............................................(Philippians 1:29) -id







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