High Tide
I have no idea if a starfish ever thinks
or what runs through a crustacean’s mind
if a fish feels thirst or drinks
content to crawl beneath the sea  far beneath blue skies
or if it ever worries what happens when it dies
so too are those who live on earth and never think of grace
and yet go living day by day and never seek God’s face
who eat the crumbs or carrion depending what they find
and never long to taste the good of a loving God Who’s kind
They cling to low and worldly things as barnacles to boat
not caring where it’s headed, their thoughts of God “remote”
yet though we live so far below what God meant us to be
by grace through faith the Born Again can feel eternity
begin to pull and tug their hearts like heaven’s lunar tide
which makes that soul longing for home, to with the LORD abide.  -id








Copyright 2006 id,  All Rights Reserved.