Cross Work

Father forgive them, They know not what they do
Prayed the Lord Jesus hung up between the two
one thief on the one side and one  on the other
He spoke first to His Father, then  to His mother
”Behold thy son” His mother was told
John took her home and would watch her grow old
then came a darkness the whole earth was shaken
when Jesus cried out-  He by God was forsaken
God’s lamb provided as seen in the Psalter
lamentation of David, Christ on the altar
No power or angel to hold back God’s hand
as God’s holy wrath and own words demand
the Father of Heaven for love gave His Son
Christ gave up the Ghost when the great work was done
sacred blood poured out- Christ laid in the grave
then rose up as Promised  for sinners to save.


                   -Ingimar DeRidder








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