What is the power that animates the ant

or gives a seed its life so it becomes a plant?

What force is it that burns and set the sun on fire?

What makes the eagle want to soar ever ever higher?

What wisdom made the planets and all the heavenly things?

What mind made Saturn then encircled her with rings?

Who's idea was it to make the sky and pepper it with stars

then chose to make things different like Jupiter and Mars?


What hand designed the atom though too small for me to see?

Who made this world of ours, filled with energy?

Who made the weather, with gentle breeze or gale,

steam to turn an engine or wind to fill a sail?

The Lord, yes God Almighty, although nature hides his face

has filled the world with power, energy and grace.

But of all the forces found on Earth, or heaven high above

The greatest, God made for the heart, called faith, and hope, and love


Ingimar DeRidder