Out, Doubt


Don't doubt in darkness, what was shone in light.
God changes not, His Glory's bright

The dark cloud may truly block out the sun,
but it still burns brightly and is held by one
who is brighter far than a billion stars
with mighty hands that still bare scars.

That hold me too, and will not let me go.
It is not for me to always know
Just what God is up to, but this I find
He's too wise to err, and too good to be unkind.

Thy palms bare marks of love and proof of grace
once nailed to a tree to take my place.
May I feel it rest gently with blessing upon my head
Then I know there is nothing I need dread.

If I could see the nail pierced hand
That once hung upon the tree.
I would never ask again a sign my mortal eyes to see
They would ever flow with tears, for all thy love to me.


Ingimar DeRidder