Sometimes when I read it I think I hear thunder
and know I have trod  upon Godís holy ground
Sometimes when I read it I am left there to wonder
As I think of Godís love and the grace I have found

Sometimes when I read it I am prone then to weeping
At the sight of my sin and my Lord on the cross
Sometimes I am tempted to dance and to leaping
when I feel His forgiveness, and see the chains I have lost

Sometimes when I read it I'm content as a baby
at rest at the bosom of a mother's love caring
Sometimes not what is, but those things which may be
I'm stirred in my spirit my faith rises daring

It's quick and it's powerful, sharp as a sword
it pierces my spirit, this Word of the Lord
the joints and the marrow, the thoughts of my heart
Word inspired, incarnate, what a wonder thou art.


Ingimar DeRidder